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                                                   Welcome to

                              Shallow Rock Quarter Horses

                                               " Breeding Real Quarter Horses for Real Quarter Horse People!"

                                                                                  Rt 1 Box 72-9 Drumright, Ok 74030 918-352-4524




                                                   We are Located  40 Miles West Of Tulsa, OK , Off Highway 33.     

                                               We Breed  Our Stallions To Good All- Around  Performance Mares.

                                               We Take Pride in Breeding Our Stallions and produce Big, Healthy,

                                                Athletic and Fast Foals With Heart and Willing Dispositions.  




                  Our Goal





                                               Our Goal is to Strive to Produce Foals With Heart, Intelligence, Athletic

                                                 Abilities, Speed and Good Bone With the Willingness To Learn. 

                                                These Colts Should Perform in  Barrels, Roping, Bull Dogging and Hazing

                                                and With the Disposition that Everyone Can Enjoy. Just Like You, We 

                                                Have High Standards For our Horses. They Must be Able to do Their 

                                                Job  Willingly and Have the Stamina and Strength to do it all Day Long.

                                                  Our Horses Are Gentle Enough For The Average Person, Yet They 

                                                Pose the Intelligence, Ambition, and Energy to Perform Any Task Given 

                                                to Them. Feel Free to Browse Through Our Site as We Introduce You

                                                 To Our 2 Fine Quarter Stallions. Also Check Out our Horses For Sale.

                                                   We Always have Something For Sale at a Reasonable Price. Any   

                                                     Questions or Comments Please Email Us and Let Us Know What You

                                                    Are Thinking and We Hope You Enjoy Our Site 



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Contact Information:

Tim and Pam Howard

Rt 1 Box 72-9

Drumright, OK 74030